Beast – Gala Screening (Dadi Cinema, Pavilion KL)

The DMY’s Beast Gala Screening at Dadi Cinema, Pavilion KL marked a special occasion for media, press, and Malaysian local artists, presenting the opportunity to witness the movie ‘Beast’ starring ‘Thalapathy’ Vijay on the big screen. With a diverse fanbase in Malaysia, each of Vijay’s movie releases turns into a grand celebration. Post-screening, audiences expressed their enjoyment and showered the film with positive reviews.

Adding a unique touch to the event, DMY took a proactive step in supporting local talents and productions. DMY Creation Chairman, Dato’ Mohamed Yusoff, had the honor of launching the trailer for Adithya Arunachalam’s movie before the main feature. It was a privilege to have the entire film team present, making the occasion even more special.