A Multifaceted organization that operates in a variety of industries, from film and entertainment to security and beyond.

DMY Creation
An upcoming, leading company in film and entertainment industry in Malaysia.
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DMY Security
A certified nationwide security company that offers comprehensive and purpose-tailored protection services.
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DMY Jewellers
A finest jewellery Shop With contemporary designs, exquisite collections of Traditional and Trendy Gold ornaments, and unparalleled customer service.
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Dato’ Mohamed Yusoff, known as DMY, is a trailblazing entrepreneur renowned for his unconventional approach to business.

As the founder and chairman of the DMY Group of Companies, he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to challenge the status quo and embrace change. DMY is also involved in advising DMY Security, further showcasing his diverse interests and expertise.

What truly sets DMY apart is his unwavering commitment to originality and innovation. His primary objective is to ensure client satisfaction, which drives him to constantly explore fresh and exciting ideas across various industries, including film, entertainment, and beyond.

DMY’s leadership fosters a culture that prioritizes collaboration, transparent communication, and a constant drive for innovation. He is a source of inspiration for clients as well as a motivator for his staff and stakeholders, urging them to pursue bold and creative endeavors. By emphasizing collaboration and collective effort, DMY strives to bring about a fresh era of creativity and excitement in the industry.